Monday, January 10, 2011

SNL Recap 1/08/11 - Jim Carey

It was great to see Jim Carey get back to what he does best - just being silly - on this weekend's Saturday Night Live. He didn't roll out any familiar characters from In Living Color, I was hoping for an Ace Ventura nod...but no such luck. Twitter was abuzz with the hopes of a revisit to the Ride The Snake skit he did years ago when he hosted, but no. It was all new wackiness for Mr. Carey. This skit was one of my favorites, showing off Jim Carey's uncanny celebrity impersonations:

I also liked this skit which kind of poked fun at "It's a Small World." Everybody thinks they've been on Small World when it broke down, but the truth is the boats get backed up pretty regularly so it is often that you sit still on that ride for far too long. (At least that's true with the Walt Disney World version.)

I'm also a sucker for a good audio animatronic impression!

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Tom said...

These are hilarious! He loves doing Jimmy Stewart; I remember he did him once before on SNL in the 90s.

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