Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Cinematic A to Z

I've been seeing this on a few other blogs and as always I thought I'd jump in; a visual presentation of favorite movies for each letter of the alphabet. This list does not represent my favorite movie for each letter, but they are mostly movies that I love. I tried to stay away from titles that I talk about alot. In some cases, I had to get a little creative for some of the more difficult letters. When you're done reading, waste a half hour of your life trying to come up with your own list. Enjoy!
A is for Adventures in Babysitting

B is for Bananas

C is for Center Stage

D is for The Day The Earth Stood Still

E is for Easy A

F is for Fraternity Vacation

G is for The Gnome-Mobile H is for Hey There, It's Yogi Bear
I is for The Island at the Top of the World

J is for Josie and the Pussycats

K is for The Kentucky Fried Movie

L is for Love at Stake

M is for The Muppet Movie

N is for National Lampoon's Class Reunion

O is for Once Upon A Crime

P is for Police Academy 3: Back in Training

Q is for Quarterback Princess

R is for Rustlers' Rhapsody

S is for Spaceship

T is for Twilight Zone The Movie

U is for UHF

V is for A Very Brady Sequel

W is for The World's Greatest Athlete

X is for Xanadu

Y is for Young Doctors in Love

Z is for Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century

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Rupert Pupkin said...

I love this list Ed! Right up my alley! So cool you put in QUARTERBACK PRINCESS and WORLD'S GREATEST ATHLETE! I love both of those and many others here!

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