Monday, April 18, 2011

Movie or Crayon

Years ago when I worked for the Crayola company I hosted a game show for a company event. I recently found the note cards for a game in the show that must have been sitting in a sports coat pocket for seven years! Anywho, the game was called Movie or Crayon and I thought I'd share it with you. It's pretty simple: I read off a list of names and contestants had to guess if they were movie titles or Crayola crayon colors. Sound fun? Here's the list and I'll post the answers in the comments section...

  1. Tickle Me Pink

  2. Pretty In Pink

  3. Banana Mania

  4. Wild Strawberry

  5. TimberWolf

  6. Soylent Green

  7. Bittersweet

  8. Outer Space

  9. Blue Lagoon

  10. Burnt Sienna

  11. White Fang

  12. Men in Black

  13. Pink Panther

  14. Carnation Pink

Feel free to print this out and play it at parties!

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Ed South said...


1. color
2. movie
3. color
4. color
5. color
6. movie
7. color
8. color
9. movie
10. color
11. movie
12. movie
13. movie
14. crayon

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