Friday, May 06, 2011

My Week In Movies - Fly The Friendly Skies

Stewardess School (1986) In the wake of the success of Police Academy in 1984, there was a tidal wave of movies ripping off the formula and trying to make a quick buck. As you can imagine, I've seen a good number of Police Academy rip-offs and few are more blatantly stealing from the original than Stewardess School. I first saw this on HBO years ago, as I anxiously awaited it's debut after a brief theatrical run. Recently, while researching silly movies of the 80's, this title was reactivated in my memory banks but I was disappointed to discover that it had not been released on DVD. So, imagine my delight when Stewardess School popped up on the Sony Movie Channel the other night! Ultimately, this sex comedy is horrible - but it's having so much fun trying to be wild and wacky that you just can't help but have a good time while watching it. The movie follows the traditional group of misfits, each with one personality trait, as they enroll in...well, you guessed it - Stewardess School. Police Academy is further ripped off with the plot point that the academy has recently lowered it's standards of admissions and there is an mean, strict instructor who tries to get the various students kicked out of the program. Neither of these borrowed plot devices has any baring on the story - but they are thrown in for good measure. The great cast includes Ralph Mouth from Happy Days, Jack Tripper's wife from Three's A Crowd, Zed's girlfriend from Police Academy 4, and the fat girl from Bosom Buddies. A worse movie has never been more enjoyable.

Spider-Man (2002) We were in the mood for some Super Hero action the other night, and Spidey fit the bill just perfectly. I forgot how good this movie was. The was the first screening for my little ones. They were completely awe struck with the proceedings. When Peter Parker eventually dons the traditional Spider-Man suit and heads out into the city swinging on webs from children might as well have been watching actual video footage of the creation of the universe. They simply went out of their minds with excitement! Which made the movie all the more enjoyable for me. Also, I loves me some Kirsten Dunst! We can't wait to tear into number two, which I've never seen!

April Movie Count: 13 (disappointing)
Best New Movie: Rio (slow month)
Best Rewatch: Yogi Bear
Worst Movie: Country Strong
2011 Movie Count: 70

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