Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Week In Movies - I Liked A Nick Cage Movie

Drive Angry (2011) This isn't my usual cup o' tea when it comes to movies but something drew me to this recent action flick. And of course, that something was the poster. You know something is up when Nicolas Cage's name is on the poster but his image takes a backseat to his co-star, the extremely attractive Amber Heard. She is obviously very easy to look at and she's a fun actress who handles this action-packed roll with style and humor. Drive Angry is one of a recent style of movie where it's just ridiculously over the top action, gore, profanity and nudity. There's something to be said for just being silly with the amounts of R rated material in a movie. Here, Nicolas Cage has escaped from Hell and is out to rescue his granddaughter from the hands of an evil cult who plans to sacrifice the baby. Cage teams up with small town waitress Heard (did I mention she's pretty?) and off the zoom on a crazy adventure. It turns out that while Satan is a little ticked that Nick Cage escaped from down below, Satan also hates babies being sacrificed in his name. So he sends a little help from the underworld to help out Mr. Cage and to make sure he returns safely to Hell. I really enjoyed this movie alot. It's fast paced, crazy fun.

The Roommate (2011) Wow, was this some kind of horrible! I don't watch a whole lot of thrillers or horror movies, but even I saw every alleged twist and turn of this college campus psycho movie coming from a mile away. Two new college roommates become quick friends until the one starts to obsess over the other a little too much. She scares away her friends, kills her pet (thank you Fatal Attraction) and does a bunch of other stuff for pretty much no reason except to be freaky. The cast includes Leighton Meester, who I enjoy, but she was also in the equally horrible Country Strong. I hope she can appear in a good movie soon. The always fun Aly Michalka is also on board, once again playing the best friend of the main character. Maybe one day she'll graduate to leading role. By the way, this movie is horrible - don't waste your time.

Summer Magic (1963) It's been a while since I'd seen this charming, feather-weight film from Walt Disney. There are many pictures from the Disney cannon that fit right into one of the lands of the Magic Kingdom theme parks. Summer Magic is one of the few films that evoke the nostalgia of Main Street U.S.A. The down-on-their-luck Carey family moves from the big city to a small quiet town in Maine. There, they meet Osh Popham played by Burl Ives. Yes that's right, Osh Popham...played by the snowman from Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. There isn't much of a plot to mention, just a series of light hearted misadventures. Three of the best underrated Disney songs appear in this Haley Mills picture: On The Front Porch, Femininity, and my favorite The Ugly Bug Ball. This is good wholesome entertainment that will make you nostalgic for the good old days, even if your good ol' days were only 30 years ago.

Harry and the Hendersons (1987) Speaking of the good ol' days, I hadn't seen this movie in quite a while. We dialed it up On Demand while at the beach last week. As I'm watching it I realized that it's been 24 years since I saw it in the theatre. Then I felt very old and couldn't concentrate fully on watching Bigfoot tear up John Lithgow's house. Cute movie, still holds up today.

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