Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Seven Shows I'd Like To See In Vegas

The videos in this post contain scantily clad bodies and suggestive imagery.

I could spend months on end in Las Vegas going to see a different show every night and never get bored. There are just as many show options in the Neon City as there are places to loose your money. Unfortunately, I'm only ever in town for a few nights which leaves time for just a couple of shows. If I could see more, here's what would be at the top of my list...

#1) Jubilee - Bally's The first time I went to Vegas I was all about doing all the traditional, classic, tacky Las Vegas things. We saw all the sights, I had my 99 cents shrimp cocktail, we even got married in a Vegas wedding chapel. Unfortunately, we had children in our traveling party so I wasn't able to see a classic Las Vegas Topless Review. Nothing sexual or sleazy, just the pretty girls with the big feather head dresses dancing and hi-stepping down a flight of light up stairs - that's all I wanted to see. We didn't see any shows at all on that first trip but when we went back a few years ago - without kids - I was all about seeing the classic Las Vegas Showgirl. Unfortunately we picked a show called Burlesque X, mostly because it was in the hotel we were staying at. It was basically a strip-joint with faux art. It was kind of sleazy, low rent and we literally had to sit at little tables with old men in trench coats. It was pretty awkward and unenjoyable. Now that I've done my research, I'd pick Jubilee which at this point is just about the only venue left in Vegas where you can see the classic traditional Showgirl review.

#2) Absinthe - Caesar's Palace Absinthe is a recent addition to the strip's offerings. It's a circus/freak show performance in a very intimate setting of about 600 seats. Some of the acts are performed right over the audience. It's also somewhat of a parody of all the Cirque du Solei shows all over town. It sounds pretty cool. It also happens to feature Angel Porrino, Holly Madison's BFF and co-star of Holly's World. (Have I mentioned I love that show?) In Absinthe, Angel does a tap dance number inside a giant bubble. Oh, she also happens to be topless while doing so.

#3) Viva Elvis - Aria I've been dead set against ever stepping foot inside a Cirque du Solei show for many years. It's way too freaky for me! But their new show, which pays tribute to the music of Elvis, looks pretty cool. It looks like the Cirque folks put away the funny looking noses, the sad looking clowns and their endless supply of troupes of tiny Asian kids doing acrobatics and just got down to some good ol' fashioned singing and dancing. It looks like alot of fun...

#4) Crazy Horse - MGM Grand Here's a really cool looking burlesque show where they use all sort of lighting effects to make some outstanding eye candy. Currently the show occasionally stars Claire Sinclair, Playboy's 2011 Playmate of the Year and another one of Holly's friends who can been seen on her show.

#5) Zumanity - New York New York Ok, so if I'm going to break my long standing ban on Cirque du Solei shows I might as well go see the dirty one too...right?

#6) Donny & Marie - Flamingo I loves me some Donny & Marie! They are just a part of my being, having watched them when I was a kid and listening to their records - they are just great. We actually had them on our radar to see when we were in town a few weeks ago but sadly Donny and Marie were out of town. The girl at the ticket counter told us they are on vacation more than they perform. Hey, they've been showbiz icons for decades! They deserve it.

#7) Penn & Teller - Rio Last but not least, I think Penn & Teller would be an incredible night's worth of entertainment. I've always enjoyed their act on television, not to mention their Showtime show Bull$#*!. They've been a Vegas fixture since the late 80's so there never seems to be an urgent need to see them, but I should probably get around to it before they are gone.

Leave us a comment with any good Vegas shows you've seen or would like to see!

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