Thursday, January 19, 2006

More Fun Salads

Dear Restaurant Industry,

When I order a Cesar Salad, by default I want Cesar Dressing on it! If I wanted Thousand Island, Creamy Italian or peppercorn Parmesan I would have ordered just a SALAD!

It seems now everytime I order a Cesar Salad, the waitress or dimwitted schlub at Wendy's asks me what dressing I want!?
One time we were at KFC and my friend ordered a three piece diner. The guy behind the counter asked, "Chicken?" To which we replied, "OK, steak then!? I didn't know there was a choice!"

The pictures of all the different salads at McDonald's look all the same. I can't tell the three of them apart. Until I can tell the difference between a McCobb salad and the Bacon Ranch salad, I'm going to just have to keep on ordering the Double Quarter Pounder!

I also love at McDonald's how they put Olympic athletes on their bags and cups suggesting that anyone that has a shot at winning a Gold Medal has eaten McDonald's past their 8th birthday. I don't recall anyone taking a break during their Ski Jump or Curling match to take a massive, runny, McDonalds induced doo-doo!

One more thing...I love to get my "eat on" as much as the next Joe...but that Enormous omelet sandwich at Burger King has got to be the most disgusting looking fast food item since Roy Rogers went out of business!

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