Wednesday, February 15, 2006

American Idol

I can't believe how far I've been sucked into American Idol. Until this season, the only episode I've ever seen of the show is the one where William Hung was on.
This season, we casually watched the audition shows because they are funny...but there were a handful of people that I thought were interesting and they made it through "to Hollywood" as they say. So, I kept watching.
They took 175 people out to Hollywood and whittled it down to 24, and of course all the people that I found interesting...made it through to the final 24! So, just when I get out of Skating With Celebrities, FOX sucks me back in with American Idol!
The thing with these reality shows is that they get so exhausting! You get into them, and you really get into the people and it just goes on and on...the suspense gets crazy. I remember watching those last couple episodes of Survivor, the first couple of seasons and feeling emotionally drained!
Well, we'll see how long I hold in there! I've got my TiVo "season passed" for AI, so I'm all set!

Brian, if you're reading this....yes, I owe me about 1,000 American Idol jokes!

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Corinne Heiliger said...

Hey Ed-it's Corinne Heiliger-remember me? I married Amy and Andrew's brother Chris? Anyway, Amy told me about your blog and I've been enjoying reading it the last week or so. I just had a baby in November and Chris and Ella (our baby girl) and I just moved back to MD about 3 weeks ago. Just wanted to say hi!

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