Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Greatest Cable Channel Ever!

Yesterday at my mother's house I discovered that her cable tv line up included the Walt Disney World On Demand Channel. A feeling of pure joy filled my soul as I made this discovery. I then proceeded to ignore my mother and children for the better part of the next two hours while I soaked in all the goodness Walt Disney World On Demand had to offer. One of the programs is called "Top 7 Things to Do in Walt Disney World." This show is played on one of the in-house channels on the TV's in the hotel rooms on Disney World property. When we were in Disney last July for nine days, in all honesty I probably watched the show between 15 to 20 times! And yet, I was still completely captivated by it again yesterday! That is probably almost as sad, but not quite, as my numerous viewings of the infomercial for the Magic Bullet. Man, I want one of those! That salsa they make looks really good!

While we're talking about crappy TV...I'm happy to see reruns of The Simple Life on E! (Weeknights 6:30p) I'm not sure what it is about that show that I haven't got sick and tired of yet...Probably my high threshold for crap! Also worth mentioning, on VH-1 this week, they are doing "I Love Toys," which is their "I Love the 80's" format but it's all about 100 Great toys! It's fun! That's on, like, 32 times a day, everyday, all week!

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