Saturday, March 25, 2006

Theological Discussion

As I was cleaning up the playroom yesterday I came across Elias' Fisher-Price Noah figure sitting in JoJo's clown car and thought it was kind of funny. For those of you not familiar with JoJo, she's a young clown who lives in Circus Town with all her little circus friends on the Disney Channel Preschool series JoJo's Circus. If you're not familiar with Noah then maybe you should find yourself a good Sunday School program!

Anywho, I saw Noah sitting in JoJo's car and thought it was pretty silly...a classic Bible character sitting in a neon pink car with eyeballs for headlights. But then I thought about it a little more...Doesn't it make perfect sense for Noah to consider driving a clown car!?! I mean, he had to build an ark big enough to hold all those different animals and you can fit a hilarious number of clowns in a clown car so I'm thinking you probably could have fit a staggering amount of animals in a clown car.
We went to the circus last year, and about 32 clowns got out of a little tiny clown car and then they put a sheet over the car and turned it into a zebra! So, there's no telling the powers of a clown car!

Oh yeah, there is the matter of the flood! Clown cars don't necessarily float. Well, then they'd need to get Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or Herbie for something like that...I don't know, they'd probably have to have some meetings to work out all the details!

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