Saturday, April 08, 2006

Bunnies & Dummies

We did the Easter Bunny thing at the mall the other day. Elias was scared at first, but then we couldn't get him to leave when we were done. Tanner had no idea what was going on...the whole nine yards! Nothing new! Now, instead of trying to sell you a ton of overpriced pictures, they try and talk you into paying for the copyright release form so you have their "permission" to make copies of the picture...OF YOUR CHILD...yourself! That's idiotic! You don't snap a picture of my children sitting on some guys lap in a lame rabbit costume and tell me YOU own the copyright on it! You wanna own the copyright on my children's memories then you can pay for college!

There are some more Easter Bunny photos in the photo album.

In the Dummies Department: If you've been reading along here you know that we've got an appointment to take Tanner to a Pediatric GI specialist at Johns Hopkins to find out why he spits up everything he eats. Our FORMER doctor told us in January that the earliest he could get us an appointment was April 11. So, we've been waiting for April 11 to roll around so we can get some answers. Earlier this week, I called down to Hopkins to find out what time the appointment was, because the (FORMER) doctor's office never bothered to tell us what time the appointment was. Well, guess what I found out when I called down there...? That's right, our stupid doctor never made an appointment for Tanner. They didn't have Tanner anywhere in their system. Everyone at Hopkins was very nice, and they transferred me to three different places trying to find if there was an appointment for Tanner anywhere...but there wasn't!

Of course, we explained our story to someone on the phone at Hopkins and we weren't mad with wasn't their fault. The next day someone called us back from Hopkins and said they had heard what happened and they would be able to squeeze us in on April 11, even though this doctor doesn't usually take appointments on Tuesdays because she doesn't have office hours on Tuesdays!

So, our (former) doctor's office swears they made the appointment on April 11. Isn't it funny that they think we had an appointment with a doctor who doesn't take appointments on that day of the week. And it's odd that in January, April was the soonest they could get us in, but here it is April and they can see us next week!!?!


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