Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cars Shopping Spree!

Elias and I are both looking forward to the upcoming Disney/Pixar animated film "Cars" (which opens June 9.) One of the fun things about a big summer blockbuster is all the merchandising and product tie-ins for the movie. Now that I have children, I have the perfect excuse to buy lots of silly Cars stuff. Actually, Elias is really into the whole thing. I got him a Cars book last week that he makes me read to him at least twice daily. So today at Wal-Mart we stocked up on all the movie merchandising we could get our hands on!

First we started off with the outfit. It's not a summer blockbuster unless you can buy clothing plugging the movie. And it's not a kids film if there aren't tons of outfits for the little ones. The problem with the Cars outfits is that some of them look way too "NASCAR" which I guess makes sense considering the movie is about car racing. But, this shirt and matching shorts that we got him aren't too bad looking!

Next we had to get a box of Keebler Bumper Bites Grahams Crackers. Guess what? They are shaped like little cars! I always say with food tie-ins, it's all in the shape! , Well played Keebler Elves, well played!

Elias was also thrilled to get sandals with his buddy Lightning McQueen on the them! He didn't want to take them off in the store after we tried them on! He rode around Wal-Mart in the shopping cart clutching the shoebox they came in. Later, when we got home and I put the sandals on him to take this picture and he didn't want to wear them for more than 30 seconds!?!

Finally, we stocked up on Frosted Flakes and Rice Krispies as most of the Kellogg's brand cereals actually have a free prize inside the box. Cereal premiums are almost a dead art-form, but Kellogg's has got Cars Racers inside specially marked boxes! We got Lightning McQueen in the Rice Krispies and Luigi in the Flakes! When you pull them back on the floor and then let them go, they race across the floor. Pretty cool!!

This weekend we're going to go to Toys R Us to see if they have any of the actual toys out yet! It's fun being a kid...I mean, an adult...!?

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