Monday, April 24, 2006


There's some new pictures in the photo album from a birthday party Elias, Tanner and I went to this weekend. The party was for Bridget, who is the daughter of a friend of mine, Theresa. Theresa and I worked together at Port Discovery for several years and then I got her a job at Crayola Works not too long after I left Port Discovery (for the last time!) It was cool to see people from both jobs at the party, as well as getting to meet Bridget - who just turned one! She had a Disney Princess themed party, and I'm pretty sure they had every single Princess party supply and paper good that Disney has ever ok'ed! Good Times!

And...if you're getting more and more jazzed about Disney/Pixar's Cars, check out this blog entry at Route 66 News. It's an exclusive sneak peak at some of the art work from the movie! The attention to detail is awesome!

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