Saturday, July 15, 2006

Past Demons

PAST DEMONS is an independent horror film shot in the Baltimore area that is currently seeking some sort of distribution. The film centers on Emily, a college student who becomes the target of an insane man who wishes to do many R-rated things to her and then kill her...but not necessarily in that order! Emily has been sexually assaulted before and is not going to let it happen again. When Emily's attacker finds his way into her house, instead of fleeing Emily decides to fight back.

What makes PAST DEMONS noteworthy to Wonderful World of Blog readers is the casting. Emily is played by Jen Kersey, who also played Jessica (Devon's girlfriend) on several episodes of THE ED SOUTH SHOW. Jen has also played Velma in a live-action Scooby-Doo stage show at Kings Dominion a few years ago, which I think is pretty cool. The other main character in the film, Emily's attacker, known simply as "the man" is portrayed by yours truly...Ed South!

I agreed to do the film (without having seen a script) shortly before I found out that I was going to be a daddy. We started shooting about a month after the life-changing discovery and was then a little upset about doing and saying some of the gross things in the script. It is however just a's all I went along with it and ended up having a pretty good time doing the film. Most days of shooting involved me sitting in a make-up chair for about 45 minutes while my scars and blood were applied. There was also alot of physical demands including stunts like falling off the roof of a car and also climbing through the window of a car while it rolled down a hill into a tree. It was low budget so there were no stunt doubles. There was also a good deal of fighting that had to be choreographed and then acted out convincingly, which was challenging for me since I'm not really the fighting type.

PAST DEMONS isn't a film that I would sit down and watch with my kids (or anyone else's kids for that matter) but it is a pretty skillfully crafter little thriller. Bill Rollins produced, wrote, directed, and edited the film. Bill's job now is to find distribution for the movie. A number of people that worked on PAST DEMONS also worked on the film GHOST WATCHER which was picked up by Lion's Gate Films and led to a sequel. So, hopes are kind of realistically set high that PAST DEMONS will see the light of day sometime soon. Until then, enjoy the first trailer for the film and if you know somebody who is the head of a movie studio please forward the trailer to them!

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