Saturday, July 15, 2006

Random Walt Disney World Photos

I was missing Disney World today and looking at some pictures online. I thought I'd grab a few and repost them here. I didn't snap any of these photos myself, they are just some pictures I found of some of the many things I love about Disney World. Like this shot of Cinderella's Castle taken from the east. The landscaping around the castle is beautiful and extends all the way down to the entrance of Tomorrowland with lots of waterways, flowers and hedges. There was briefly a Swan Boat ride that traveled this lake, but it's been gone since the 70's. The station for the ride can still be seen behind Stitch's Great Escape on the other side of the castle.

Here's the tram for the Backlot Studio Tour at Disney/MGM Studios. When the park first opened, the tram ride was over an hour long. Nowadays, you're only on it for a short time.

This is the checkout area at the food court of the Pop Century Resort. This is where I've stayed the last two times I've been to WDW. So, it's like a second home within my second home to me! We've had many a meal here. This is also where we were in 2004 when we discovered hurricane Charley was heading right for us!

Another great food court, but this one is no longer with us. The Sunshine Marketplace inside The Land pavilion in Epcot was one of my favorite lunch spots. Besides having a nice atmosphere, they had a neat selection of fast food including BBQ Sandwiches and Cheese platters. They tore it all up and redid the whole area when then put in the new Soarin' ride last year.
Obviously, I've also got food on my mind. You're looking at the All You Can Eat Skillet at the Whispering Canyon Cafe inside the Wilderness Lodge. I've been here several times for the awesome ribs, chicken, sausage, potatoes, beans, corn and more...! Plus, they just added the bottomless Milkshake! We did that too last year, but it cuts down on the amount of food you can take in! That's where they get ya!

Nothing special here...just a cool shot of the loading platform for Pirates of the Caribbean. I have a weird thing for stations and loading platforms!?! Just one of the many off-beat things that I love at Disney World.

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