Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Be Mine, Andy Capp!

Let's talk about Andy Capp Fries because those are some good eats, my friend! Andy Capp is a miserable, misogynistic alcoholic from the Sunday comics. Who better to endorse a snack product then some creepy dude with a pickled liver and disdain for his own wife!?

Andy Capp Fries are kind of like potato chips but they are made from both potatoes and corn, plus they are in the shape of french fries instead of chips. And, they are oh-so delicious! You never know where you'll find a bag of Andy Capp Fries. No store stocks them on a regular basis. You could walk into your corner drug store that you've been going to for years and all of a sudden you'll find `em sitting there. But then when you go back to pick up another bag, they're gone! It's the mystery of the Andy Capp Fries!

Andy Capp Fries come in four flavors: Cheddar Fries, Hot Fries, Hot Chilli Cheese Steak Fries, and White Cheddar Steak Fries. (There used to be Pub Fries and Salsa Fries but they apparently don't make those any more!) My vote is for the Chilli Cheese Steak Fries. Yummy! Not quite as up there as the illusive Chilli Cheese Fritos, but they're a close second! All four varieties of Andy Capp Fries are powered with delicious artificial flavoring that leaves you licking your fingers and teeth long after the last fry is gone.

Andy Capp Hot Fries are one of the few HOT snack foods that you'll NEED to have a drink nearby! Those suckers are hot! AND...here's another Andy Capp fun fact: for a long time some of the bags listed "Zesty Ranch" as another available flavor but it was actually never produced! Well played Andy Capp! Well played!

I'd usually say "Go out and grab a bag today!" But good luck finding them! They seem to be a favorite item in vending machines at hospitals and car repair places. So...go get sick or wreck your car. Andy Capp Fries have been around since 1971 but yet they have still to find one store that will permanently carry them!


jaime m. said...

hot fries are the best snack ever. the shopers food store near me does stock them, so i guess i am one of the lucky ones.

brian from ca said...

Thank you, Ed! I thought I remembered Cheddar Fries being one of my favorite snacks growing up, but since I haven't seen a single bag for over 10 years I was starting to think I'd made them up.

Hot Fries are good, but I needs me the Cheddar Fries!

In closing, what the hell were Pub Fries?! Did they just dump a bunch of unflavored chips in a bag and call it Pub Fries? You were one crafty gentleman, Mr. Capp.

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