Friday, February 02, 2007


My good friend Bill Rollins has produced many short films and feature length productions over the years. In fact, he directed me in the feature film PAST DEMONS which is set to be released on DVD by Glass Ceiling Studios in first quarter 2007.

Here's a short film Bill made in 2000, also featuring me. It's called GIRAFFE and it's a movie trailer for a film that doesn't really exist. But it's very funny and creative and has plenty of fake mustaches and me playing an arms dealer. (What could be more ridiculous than me being an arms dealer!?)

Note: The language in this film is a little off-color. Let's just say the 3rd Commandment is broken.

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DownWindHarp said...

You AHole!!!! every time I see stole my character you lowlife breeder!



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