Thursday, February 01, 2007

Scoop Up Some American Idol Ice Cream

The grocery store is more and more becoming the place to find absolutely ridiculous ideas brought to life. Case in point: EDY'S SLOW CHURNED RICH & CREAMY AMERICAN IDOL ICE CREAM FLAVORS! Now you can bring home all of the fun of America's most popular talent show in convenient tubs of ice cream. There's five flavors to pick from: there's Take the Cake, Choc n' Roll Caramel, Hollywood Cheesecake, Soulful Sundae Cone, and Triple Talent.
But Wait! You don't just eat this ice also get to vote on your favorite flavor, and which one will become the next American Idol Ice Cream Flavor...or something like that. Just go to to cast your vote. And while your there, you can completely waste your time by checking out each of the flavor's bios. That's right! Did you know that Tripple Talent's hometown is Mousee-ula, Montana or that Soulful Sundae Cone's astrological sign is Capri-Cone!?! Capri-CONE...get it? Cone! Like an ice cream cone! Oh and also...Take The Cake's favorite ringtone is "Happy Birthday to Me". I'm not even sure what that means!?
American Idol Ice Cream, ladies and gentlemen! The sound you hear is the earth moving one step closer to doomsday!

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