Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Short-Lived Series #1

When ever we play Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture Edition, friends are amazed and disgusted by my knowledge of television shows falling under the heading "Short-Lived Series". Here's some goodies that were recently released from the dark recesses of my brain!

Wednesday 9:30 (8:30 Central) Yes, that's the name of the show. Shows with crazy titles almost never work. This one was about a crazy television network and it stared Ed Begley Jr. Wow, that's all the makings of a disaster right there! ABC pulled the show after two weeks!

The Geena Davis Show Remember when Geena Davis was in that show where she was the President and everybody thought it was the greatest show ever, for like three weeks, and then everybody remembered that Geena Davis sucks and they stopped watching the show!? Well, before that lame show she had a lame sitcom where she played a successful business woman who meets the man of her dreams and then finds out he's got kids and a house in the suburbs! Isn't that crazy!? Also onboard for this has-been fest were Peter Horton and Mimi Rogers. If you listen closely you can still hear the sound of nobody laughing! This unoriginal bomb managed to make it through a whole season before it was completely forgotten about.

Thanks This one was awesome...an anachronistic filled sitcom about the Pilgrims and their wacky adventures landing on Plymouth Rock. I remember alot of jokes about the Plague. Seriously, what are television executives smoking when they green light this stuff. No one is going to watch something like this except for me! Man, if they put this out on DVD I'm so there! This show lasted a month, and not on Fox or UPN where you'd expect something like this. THANKS was on CBS!

Talk to Me Kyra Sedgwick slums it up in a sitcom about talk radio. Frasier we salute you! Beverly D'Angelo also showed up to pick up a pay check. Both of them were back on unemployment in three weeks!

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brian from ca said...

C'mon, buddy, let's do it. You know you want to talk about Medicine Ball.

Hey, can we see a spin-off of this called "Short-Lived Shows that were Based on Movies"?

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