Monday, March 05, 2007

The Black Comic Form

The 1979 sci-fi movie THE BLACK HOLE continues to be a source of humor for me. I was greatly amused when the remastered soundtrack album to the film was recently made available on iTunes. The film was Disney's attempt to cash in on the STAR WARS craze while they were still kicked themselves in the seat of their pants for having passed on making STAR WARS themselves a few years earlier. The film is not that bad, it's just not really a "Disney movie" and besides having robots and a few laser gun fights, there's not much in it for kids! Yet the film was heavily merchandised as I'm sure everyone involved in the project thought they had the next STAR WARS on their hands. There were BLACK HOLE action figures, coloring books, sleeping bags, book and record sets...even a comic book, which is advertised here (from another 1979 comic book). I'm sure kids were lining up around the block to pick up their copy of the comic adaptation of THE BLACK HOLE. Who wouldn't want to read about Ernest Borgnine and Anthony Perkins in comic book form? As for myself, I was lucky enough to have a pair of BLACK HOLE pajamas!

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