Friday, April 20, 2007

Boss Hogg In Baltimore

Yet another reason YouTube is one of the greatest inventions of all time!

The major television stations in Baltimore have switched network affiliations a few times. This is actually kind of rare in the world of television, but it's happened at least twice in B'moe. WMAR Channel 2 has been all three of the major networks at one time or another. WBAL 11 went from NBC to CBS and then back again to NBC in 1995! the early 80's when WBAL and WMAR flipfloped networks, CBS flew a handful of their stars out to Baltimore to film some promos to make sure people knew where CBS was going to be. Don't ask me how I find this stuff on YouTube, just enjoy! You'll see Mrs. Jefferson at HarborPlace and see Boss Hogg driving past the Washington Monument and all over the rest of downtown Baltimore. This is good stuff!


Anonymous said...

The best part of it was seeing Ol Memorial Stadium!

Jaime m said...

this is the single reason Youtube rocks.

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