Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Let's Not Forget Universal

We talk alot about Walt Disney World here at WWoB, but Disney's neighbor, Universal Studios, is also a resort filled with great experiences. News today from the Orlando Sentinel announces that The Simpsons will be joining the Universal family sometime next year. The new ride will be a motion simulator ride and will replace their 15 year old Back to the Future ride. The new Simpsons ride will use the same movie screen and ride vehicles as the Back to the Future ride did, but new technology will be used to control the ride. The ride will take guests (along with the Simpsons) to the grand opening of "Krusty Land Amusement Park". Sounds like it's going to be a fun ride!

Universal Studios Florida is made up of two parks: Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure. Both parks pretty much take non-Disney owned properties and build Disney-style rides based on them. Some of their other great rides that I love are The Cat in the Hat, where you ride a sofa through the original Dr. Seuss story; Popeye's BilgeRats, the best white-water-rafting ride at any park and Jaws, a boat ride where you come face to face with the great white. They also have an Amazing Spider-Man ride which is simply the coolest ride operating at any theme park (sorry, Disney!)

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