Monday, April 02, 2007

Peace, Love & Automatic Pencil Sharpeners

Take a look at this ad for a Snoopy Automatic Pencil Sharpener. The ad is from a late 70's comic book. From the look of the ad, one would assume that this pencil sharpener was to revolutionize the way we, as a nation, would transcribe information to paper! Look at Mom's reaction when her freshly sharpened pencil emerges from the top of Snoopy's dog house. "My phone messages are easier to read with a sharp pencil!" she exclaims! Yes...a new dawn of sharp pencils was on the horizon in the late 1970's. And who better to lead us into this new era of fine writing instruments than Snoopy! Because when you think of pencils two things come to mind: the 1972 Miami Dolphins and Snoopy!

Not only did the Snoopy Pencil Sharpener call for the extinction of dull pencils, it also brought families together. Witness for yourself in the next to last panel of this ad. This family was once torn apart by the effects of infidelity and spousal abuse. Now, the family spends happy nights gathered around their electric pencil sharpener bringing meaning to their life, and sharp points to their Number 2's.

Perhaps in this crazy time of Middle East Conflict, cell phones, and Dancing with the Stars we could all use a little Snoopy Automatic Pencil Sharpener in our lives to remind us of what is important!

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