Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Win A Sears Cartridge Tele-Games System

This vintage ad is great for so many reasons. First, it features the Sears Tele-Games System. Tele-Games is the system you got when you purchased your Atari 2600 at at Sears. Exact same console, except it said Sears on it instead of Atari and the cartridges didn't have any artwork on them. Fun! Then you also have all the great Kellogg's characters huddled around the contest logo. You've got the Apple Jack Kids, the Sugar Pops Cowboy dude with the comically large hat, and even the nerdy elephant from Coco Krispies. Ahhh...good times! Most of those cereals pictured at the bottom are still around but most of the mascots are not! Oh, and the contest is real fun...if you don't win the state of the art video game system you might get second prize: A Sears Coloring book and 5 Magic Markers! Wow-wee! These Magic Markers are great for coloring AND marking! As corny as all this looks, I'd still rather play VIDEO OLYMPICS than HALO 2 any day!

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