Thursday, May 24, 2007

Three Amigos!

THREE AMIGOS was probably the first movie that I saw in the theatre and then rented the weekend it came out on home video and then taped off of HBO the first night it was on and then watched it dozens of times more after that. For 13 year old me, nothing could be better than Chevy Chase and Steve Martin in a movie together! I recently had the Amigos' Theme Song stuck in my head so this evening I dug out my VHS copy of THREE AMIGOS and gave it a play in the ol' VCR. It still remains a very funny movie with some great gags and tons of highly quotable lines. If you haven't seen it in a while it's worth a revisit, if for nothing else then to reacquaint yourself with the SAT word plethora.

1 comment:

brian from ca said...

Lucky: Barkeep, three beers!
Barman: We don' have no beer, jus' tequila.
Ned: What's tequila?
Barman:'s like beer.
Dusty: Is it fattening?

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