Saturday, June 02, 2007

Meet the Newest Members of Our Family

Elias and Tanner are proud to announce the arrival of the newest members of our household. Last night we welcomed four fresh water tropical fish into our home as the starting members of our new aquarium. Both the boys are very excited and very proud of their new fish are will be eager to show them off to you on your next visit to our home. "Can we go down and wake up the fish?" was the first thing out of Elias' mouth this morning. When Tanner woke up he pointed to the stairs and began chanting "Fisheys! Fisheys!" The large blue fish at the top is named Robin Hood, there's actually only three other fish but the reflection of the tank walls make it look like there is more. The other smaller fishes' names are Splash, Thunder, and Space. (5 points if you get that reference.)


Anonymous said...

You are making fish into mountains! give me my 5 points!!! -Chuck & Steph

brian from ca said...

So how come the big fish isn't named "Mountain"?

Theresa said...

This is just freaky, last week Bridget got her first fish tank filled with 12 fresh water fish. Great minds think alike I guess. :) She just calls them fishy & then kisses everyone like the fish kiss eachother.

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