Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm Sorry, Is That the Shirt Tales?

I visited Six Flags Over Georgia in the summer of 1984. I know it was 1984 because that was the summer of Gremlins and I got a super-cool Gremlins painters cap (that I still have) at the park that year. One of the things I remember about the park but don't really have any memories of is an attraction called "Pac-Man Play Port" which was one of those nets n' tunnels and ball pit kind of play structures for kids and it was all inspired by Pac-Man. Well, I haven't been able to find much information about it online so I dug out my collection of vintage amusement park brochures to see if I could find some pictures or publicity regarding ol' Pac-Man. I found nothing. But who did I find tucked away inside the 1984 brochure? Yes, none other than those T-shirt wearing Shirt Tales. If you don't remember the Shirt Tales than you can check out a post I did in October about them. Simply put: they were awesome and one of the best Saturday morning cartoons of my childhood. I have to admit I'm a little ashamed that the presence of Shirt Tales costumed characters slipped my mind. I'm sure driving to Atlanta I was looking at the brochure and imagining myself hanging with Bogey, Digger, Pammy and the rest of the gang! Alas, there are no pictures in the family album of me with any of the Shirt Tales. My shirt is flashing a sad face right now...

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Melissa (& Billy) said...

I just looked at the Freefall photo and felt my stomach drop out. Yikes.

Shirt T-t-t-tales! ;)

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