Tuesday, August 07, 2007

"I Tawt I Taw the Shirt Tales!"

Last Tuesday I did a post about those lovable Shirt Tales and their stint at Six Flags Over Georgia. Basically, I was surprised to have found out that the Shirt Tales appeared at the park, but then was kind of ashamed that I didn't even remember that. So, this weekend I'm at my mom's house and she presents me with these photographs of the Shirt Tales show from our trip to Six Flags in 1984! How me coming face to face with some of my favorite greeting card mascots/crime fighters escaped my mind, I'll never know! Even though the pictures don't have me on anyone else in my family in them, it's still proof that we saw the Shirt Tales live! I'm sure I was keeping an eye on the entertainment schedule and my Michael Jackson watch all day to make sure we didn't miss this tour de force performance.

And look, Digger even came out in the audience and walked right past us! Granted, he's no Bogey...but still, It's Digger for crying out loud!

Just for fun I dug up a picture of this Shirt Tales at Six Flags button on ebay. Somebody wants at least $50.00 for it. It's a pretty sweet button, but it ain't worth no $50! Notice up in the rainbow it lists all the parks in the Six Flags chain at the time. This was of course before they owned just about every amusement park in the United States!

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