Monday, August 13, 2007

It's The Muppet Show Season Two DVD

A season of a TV show on DVD is like a good book. It takes a while to get through it all but you savor every moment of it while it lasts and and when it's over you want more. Such is the case with last week's release of the second season of THE MUPPET SHOW on DVD. Easily one of my favorite shows of all time, The Muppet Show has not been aired in reruns all that much in the last two decades so it's fun to see all these great shows again. Season two, which aired in the 1977-78 television season, has some big guest stars on it's roster. Singers, actors and comedians all lined up to share billing with the popular Muppets. Seeing some of the greats in entertainment is really a treat with this set. Disc one alone features Don Knotts, Zero Mostel, Milton Berle and Rich Little. I loved Rich Little when I was a kid, even though I had no idea who half the people he was imitating were. Other comedy stars on this set include the legendary Edgar Bergen, Steve Martin, Madeline Kahn, George Burns, Dom DeLuise, Peter Sellers, John Cleese, and Bob Hope. From the world of song ya got Judy Collins, Elton John, Lou Rawls, and Petula Clark.

It wouldn't be a 70's variety show without a handful of guests that have no relevance in today's world, and they would be Teresa Brewer (who?), Cleo Laine (who?), and Nancy Walker (the Pamolive gal.)

In my book, this stuff is better than 99.8% of the television they are making today!

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