Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ed's Bookshelf #4 Felicity and Friends

Here's a weird one still sitting on my bookshelf, Felicity and Friends by Kristin Sparks. This is one of those cheap, quickly thrown together books to cash in on the sudden popularity of The WB teen drama Felicity. Felicity was about a young girl who secretly had a crush on a guy in high school and she ends up going to the same college as he does just for the chance to get to know him better. The show had me onboard from minute one as the title role of Felicity was played by Keri Russell.

I was first aware of Keri from her days on The Disney Channel's Mickey Mouse Club. I spent my hours of my teenaged years watching that show. From MMC, Keri appeared in the Disney flick HONEY, I BLEW UP THE KID which remains one of my favorite films to this day. She bounced around from project to project, none of which ever captured much attention. That includes the sitcom DADDY'S GIRLS which she costared in along with Dudley Moore. (Wow)

Anywho... this book, and others like it, takes about a magazine article worth of information and manages to stretch it into 181 pages of actor bios, episode recaps, and quotes from such pillars of journalism as YM and Tiger Beat magazine. There's also Chapter 17 "Touring the Web with Felicity" which is all about different Felicity websites that you could visit.

Felicity's creator J. J. Abrams went on to create two more popular TV shows: Alias and Lost. He's also doing the new Star Trek movie.

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