Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ed's Bookshelf #5 The Love Bug

Here's the front and back covers for the original novelization of Disney's 1969 hit THE LOVE BUG. Notice anything different about Herbie between the two covers!? That's right...on the front cover of this widely distributed book the little VW Bug is missing his racing number 53 from his passenger side door. The cover picture is a still from the actual movie which also features the numberless Herbie. This same image from the film was also used on the original laserdisc release of the title. The Herbie car seen here was a stunt car built with a tilt for the shot they needed. I guess the crew was so wrapped up in pulling off the stunt that no one noticed Herbie needed a bit of a touch up from the makeup department.
By the way, the back cover won the Scholastic award for most use of parenthesis.

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