Friday, September 28, 2007

Look Who's Hiding in Cocoa Pebbles

On a recent grocery shopping trip, my four year old son selected Cocoa Pebbles as his cereal selection mostly because the front of the box had a picture of Fred Flintstone dressed up as a knight yielding a sword. (Hey, I've bought things for dumber reasons!) The box opens up like a book and has an elaborate game/contest where you have to figure out some puzzle on the box and then go online and enter in a code and get help to finish the game on the box. On one hand, it's always nice to have lots of stuff to read and look at on a cereal box, on the other hand this whole business with having to use the internet to enter codes and collect points to win prizes is stupid. What happened to the good ol' days where you just dug a toy out of your cereal? Now you've got to log in, jump through hoops, do research, adopt a puppy, and find a cure for AIDS before you can milk a prize out of these cereal companies! All that aside, the illustrations on the box of Cocoa Pepples features Fred, Barney and the gang in a medieval tale finding them all dressed as knights and princesses. What was really cool about the drawings is that some secondary characters from the Flintstones series ended up on the box as well:

This one is the coolest, Fred's mother-in-law Pearl Slaghoople as a witch. Perfect casting, as Fred and his dear ol' mother-in-law never got along too well.

Fred's boss Mr. Slate as some kind of guard.

And here's the Great Gazoo playing the role of the Sorcerer. He's even gone so far as the borrow Mickey Mouse's hat from Fantasia. It's nice they included some of these supporting players from the original series, but what's the deal with Fred being drawn a bit off-model in this last picture!?

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