Thursday, September 13, 2007

Surf's Up @ The Boardwalk

We went to Hersheypark last weekend and checked out their latest attraction, a whole new section of the park called The Boardwalk. Hersheypark isn't really known for their impressive themeing but they went all out for this new one-of-a-kind waterbased area. The Boardwalk takes you to your favorite east coast beach resort where there's a boardwalk with food, games and shopping. There's a beach area, complete with a wavepool and there are plenty of water slides to keep the crowds busy. They did a really good job capturing not only the look and feel of a trip to the beach but even the smell. It really smelled like a salt-water breeze was in the air! I'm not much for waterparks, especially inside an already established theme park, but it's it's your cup of tea It's worth a visit next summer when the sun returns. One of the unique stands along the boardwalk was a photo op booth where you can have your picture taken in some wacky beach sets. Being the suckers we are, we plopped down $20 bucks for these cute pictures of our kids...

Catch A Wave - Elias' Hawaiian shirt really seals the deal here, plus he was cooperating! (Which is rare!)

Open Water 3 - How cute is Tanner up front there!?! Sadly, the boys were devoured by the sharks shortly after we snapped this picture.

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