Friday, October 26, 2007

Tales From the Kids

I just wanted to share some stories about the kids today...

I told Elias the other day that next summer there was going to be a Batman movie and a Superman movie coming out. Elias asked me if they were going to be in the movie theatre or on DVD. I told him they were coming out in the theatre and he said, "Oh good! That means McDonald's or Burger King will have toys of them!"

Elias soaks things in from everywhere. A few weeks ago he was playing with Fisher Price Little People and pretending to play Halo. His only exposure to Halo is from the advertisement on the security scanner at the entrance/exit to Wal-Mart. Elias also likes to listen to my collection of old book and records. So, he's playing Halo and whenever he plays with action figures he narrates his play like it's a book. I hear him in the other room: "Suddenly Halo jumps down on the bad guys and saves the day! If you would like to hear more of this Halo story please turn the record over to side two."

Tanner is not a big fan of some of the Halloween decorations at the store that move and play music. As we were approaching the Halloween isle at Wal-Mart, Tanner sitting in the cart grabs my attention and says, "Listen to me Daddy! No pushing buttons!"

We heard a radio commercial for Trick or Treating at Hersheypark. When the commercial was over Elias announced, " I wouldn't want to go trick or treating at Hersheypark because I bet all you would get is chocolate there. That's all they have in Hersheypark is chocolate. Chocolate this, chocolate that! Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!"

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