Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DJ Chocula In The House...or Castle

I found this pretty cool looking CD in the Halloween section at Target the other day. Spooky Sounds From Count Chocula Castle looks like it might be a bit more fun than your average Halloween sound effects CD. The cover features breakfast cereal legend Count Chocula along with his sidekicks Franken Berry and Boo Berry. There was a listening station as part of the CD display rack. The very brief snippet of the CD didn't reveal if this was going to be a quality product or not. It also doesn't reveal if there are cameo appearances from Fruit Brute or Yummy Mummy. Unfortunately at $9.99 it's a bit out of my "I'll blow seven bucks on this just to see what it is" range. No worries...I'm sure I'll be able to pick it up next year for three dollars at Ollie's Bargain Mart. Until then I'll have to make do with my "Fox Family Channel 13 Days of Halloween" CD I got off a box of Count Chocula about 9 years ago!

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