Monday, March 15, 2010

Hampton Landmarks

If you've ever stayed at a Hampton Inn than you know that they decorate the property with numerous black and white photos of everyday American life. Not only are there photos on the walls, but they use them on room keys, room number plates, elevators...anywhere they can. It's kind of like staying in a giant Jones Soda bottle. The photo of the photo above was taken in an elevator at the Hampton Inn in Portage, Michigan. (I didn't snap it...I just found it on Facebook.) The picture is, of course, of The Little Red School House at Maryland's own Enchanted Forest. Pretty neat to see the little park represented all the way out in Michigan. The picture shows the school house being refurbished and repaired for it's new home at Clark's Elioak Farm. Ya see, Hampton Inn has a program they call Hampton Landmarks where the company (Hilton) donates time and money to fixing up local historical landmarks. It turns out Paris' daddy forked over a nice chunk of change to help get the Enchanted Forest back on it's feet. Like I said, it's pretty neat to be out in Michigan (or anywhere away from home) and see a little piece of the Enchanted Forest taking an elevator ride with ya!

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Matt said...

I laughed at "Paris' daddy".

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