Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Harold Gould Was Awesome

From Entertainment Weekly's webiste:

Harold Gould, the actor who played Rhoda’s father Martin Morgenstern on both The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rhoda, has passed away, the New York Times reports. The actor — who died of prostate cancer — was 86 years old.

Gould was well-known for his work in other sitcoms, like The Golden Girls, in which he played a widower who romanced Betty White’s Rose. The actor was also active on film, appearing in such movies as 1973′s The Sting, 1975′s Love and Death, and 1976′s Silent Movie. Among some of his other television credits: The Donna Reed Show, St. Elsewhere, Dallas, Perry Mason, The King of Queens, L.A. Law, Hawaii Five-0, Soap, The Love Boat, Mister Ed, That Girl, and Hogan’s Heroes.

Harold Gould was another one of those familiar faces of Hollywood who I've always enjoyed whenever he would pop up in something. To me, he's best known as Miles, Rose's boyfriend on The Golden Girls. But another role I associate him with instantly is of Grandfather Disguisey in the Dana Carvey vehicle The Master of Disguise (2002) which is pictured above. He's also in a bunch of favorites of mine: he plays the judge in the great Neil Simon ensemble comedy Seems Like Old Times and he's in one of Woody Allen's most underrated films Love and Death (1975). I also adore the movie Gus (1973) about a football playing mule which he was in as well as another great Disney comedy The Strongest Man in the World (1975). He wasn't the strongest man, Kurt Russell was. Gould is even in my favorite Mel Brooks' flick Silent Movie (1976). You'll also find Mr. Gould in a few of the earlier Kenny Rogers as The Gambler TV films.

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