Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pac-Man Land

I'm pretty sure we've mentioned Pac-Man Land before (or Pac-Man Playport as I recall it being named). For a brief time, Pac-Man and his wife the lovely Mrs. Pac-Man (or Pepper as us die-hard fan know her) were the mascots of the Six Flags amusement parks. Of course, this was the early 80's and at the time Six Flags only consisted of a few theme parks - not every single park in the country as they are today. Anywho...I was fortunate enough to visit Six Flags Over Georgia while Pac & Pals made their home at Six Flags. Pac-Man Land consisted of the now-traditional kids attractions like climbing structures and ball pits plus a chance to meet and greet the chomping yellow family.

Why do I bring this all up again? Well, thanks to the wonders of good ol' YouTube I found a brief video that someone (HistoryOfSFOT) has put together of their pictures of the obscure Pac-Man attraction. These pictures were probably taken at the Texas park, so maybe the Georgia version was called Pac-Man Playport. Either way, who cares! It was a Pac-Man themed play area for Blinky's sake!

One of the pictures I already posted above, so that leaves about 75% of the video for you to enjoy! Enjoy:

I want to go to there.

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