Friday, October 22, 2010

Barb & Tom

Over the past few days we've lost two of TV's most beloved parents. Barbara Billingsley is best known to the world as the mom on Leave It To Beaver. When I first heard of her passing I immediately thought of her as the voice of Nanny on Muppet Babies, but then my Twitter buddy @VeraBlue reminded me that Mrs. Billingsley had an important role in one of the all-time greatest films: Airplane! from 1980.

I was never real big on Happy Days but when I heard of Tom Bosley's passing I instantly thought of a fantastic movie that I love which he is in, Million Dollar Mystery (1987). You may remember Mr. Bosley served as the Glad trash bag spokesperson for quite sometime. In 1987, Glad bankrolled a movie where $4 million dollars is hidden among four trash bags in different locations. A wild and wacky chase, a la It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World ensues, with various comedians and grade Z celebrities all trying to find the dough. Only $3 million is recovered in the movie, but there are clues to where the other million is stashed and they supposedly really hid a million bucks in a trash bag somewhere in the real world and there was a contest (sponsored by Glad) to find the loot. Easily one of the greatest movie promotion gimmicks of all time, it's also a fantastic movie!

Bye-Bye, June Cleaver from The Philadelphia Inquirer
Sad Day for Happy Days from CNN

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