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To some people, Trimper's Rides in Ocean City, MD is nothing more than "the rides at the boardwalk." But the amusement park is really a gem of vintage amusement antiques and history. I love taking my time and checking out all the little details and nooks and crannies of the property. The majority of the history of the park on display resides inside a year round indoor building. Here's a few snapshots I took this past summer...
From Trimper's website: "A 1912 purchase also adds to the historic significance of Trimper's Rides. It was that year that Daniel Trimper purchased a massive carousel from the Herschell-Spillman Company in North Tonawanda, NY. It was 50 feet in diameter with a uniqueness derived from the only other carousel made by the firm at that time having been sent to Coney Island, and that one was later destroyed by fire.

The merry-go-round's forty-five animals, three chariots and one rocking chair were driven by a steam engine; rides originally cost just a nickel. One-hundred years later, the ride (now electrified) costs you four tickets, or $2.00 - unless you buy the discounted package of 40 tickets for eighteen dollars, and then your ride only costs $1.80. Classified as one of the oldest still operating carousels in the nation, generations of families come every year to ride their favorite animal."

The merry-go-round is filled with beautifully hand carved, hand painted animals of all types. This attraction is the pride and centerpiece of Trimper's. They reportedly have someone on staff who's only takes care of the carousel. My kids always fight over who gets to ride the dalmatian. They love all things puppy...especially dalmatians.

These fun, old-fashioned animal mouth trash cans used to be fairly common at amusement parks. There are serveal of them still in service around Trimper's. This pelican helps set the mood set up next to a very cool little boat ride...

Like most of the other rides in Trimper's indoor building, this kiddie boat ride dates back at least 70 years. There is no track under the water. The boats are all connected to one another in a way that keeps them in a tight loop around the pool. I've always enjoyed the elaborate scenery along the walls of this attraction. I've tried several years to get a good picture of this ride, but with how the ride is situated - It's been hard to capture the ride properly. This was the first year I was able to snap a decent shot.

I've got some more neat pictures of Trimper's Rides that I'll share in future posts.

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