Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Week In Movies

Best Worst Movie (2010) I'm not really into the whole "so bad it's good" thing when it comes to movies. So, it's hard for me to fully buy into a documentary all about how much people love a particular bad movie. The movie in question is Troll 2, and quite frankly I was disappointed enough in Troll 1 that I wouldn't need to see Troll 2 no matter how good or bad it was. The thing is, when I like a movie which is considered by many to be crap - I genuinely like it. When I watch something that is considered "so bad it's good" I'm usually quite bored with it. Plan 9 From Outer Space is horrible, plain and simple. It's not fun to watch - it's crap! Others I find, just like to jump on a bandwagon of enjoying something stupid so they can put it down or laugh at it ineptness. Myself, I like to laugh at things that are supposed to be funny. That all said, Best Worst Movie is an interesting look at how Troll 2 took on a life of it's own. What's more interesting in the film is to see how it's given some people who stared in the film and then later went on to live rather normal lives, a little taste of celebrity. Not rated; has some PG-13 cursing.

The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos (2008) This new round of Disney nature documentaries needs to find a new voice. The playful charm of Disney's 1950's era True-Life Adventures is missing in these new movies. I thought the narration in Earth was a little dry, and Oceans voice-over was so grandiose it was ridiculous. This bird entry into the series, which skipped theatres in the states and was dumped on DVD this month, takes the narration to incomprehensible heights. These are pink birds: flying, standing on one leg, having flamingo sex, and getting eaten. The narration is delivered as if the viewer is seeing the outside world for the first time. Every image captured in this film is accompanied with so much narrative urgency that it becomes exhausting after 20 minutes. These flamingos lead a similar existence to a certain group of penguins who made a movie a while back, except their tale was a little more exciting. This project seems forced. Rated G even though it contains some mildly intense moments and disturbing shots of baby flamingos getting eaten. There is also a brief flamingo one night stand illustrated.

Daffy Duck's Quackbusters (1988) The fifth and final big screen compilation of classic Warner shorts mixed with new animation was one of the final vocal performances of the legendary Mel Blanc. He provided the voices of almost all the Looney Tunes stable of characters since the 1930's and by 1988 he understandably could not match the voices he had recorded so many years earlier. I believe some of the post production on this film was done with out Mel and as a result, Daffy Duck has three different voices throughout the picture. However, old Looney Tunes shorts are so perfect that a sampling of them in any format is still good stuff. This film also features a few newer shorts that were made in the 80's including The Ducksorcist and Night of the Living Duck, which are alone worth the price of admission. Rated G.

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