Tuesday, March 15, 2011


First, let's take a look at the new trailer for the upcoming live action Smurfs movie - then we'll discuss...

Here's my beefs:
1) Sending the smurfs to modern day New York City isn't a totally terrible idea (it certainly isn't an original idea) but that's a plot that should be saved for a #3 sequel. You don't jump right out of the gate with the old "sent to the real world" plot. They did it with Fat Albert, Bulwinkle and at least a few others and it just doesn't work. Star Trek did it well, but they waited until their 4th film before they sent the crew to modern day San Francisco. The Smurfs in New York is just not a terribly great way to start off a potential movie franchise.

2) Was there really not enough Smurfs to pick from that the new filmmakers had to create a new Smurf? You may have noticed in the trailer a Smurf wearing a kilt and sporting a Scottish accent. That would be the new Gutsy Smurf. Sure. That's necessary.

3) Don't sexualize Smurfette. I know everyone has always made jokes about one Smurf girl and 98 male Smurfs, but seeing Smurfette's dress blow up like and the other Smurfs ogling her is just kinda gross.

4) The new Smurfs are ugly! The original Smurf designs created by Peyo, a Belgian comics artist, 50 some years ago are masterpieces of simple cartoon character artwork. These new 3D Smurfs are, again, kinda gross. They are not cute at all.

Still, as Smurfs are deeply ingrained in my being - I'm looking forward to seeing this movie and judge first hand what they've done with the property. My 7 year old has already suggested that after we see the new movie we come home and watch the older animated film The Smurfs and the Magic Flute to see how a real Smurf movie is made. That's a Smurfy idea!


Tom said...

Hmm. I'm not sure about the Magic Flute movie; I saw that when I was a kid and was totally bored. The Smurfs were hardly in it.

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