Friday, June 10, 2011

Fred and I `76

This picture is awesome for so many reasons! First, we've got little ol' me just shy of 4 years old hanging out with one of my best buddies, Fred Flintstone! This picture also gives us a look at how the walk around characters looked at Kings Dominion in 1976. Too bad there's not more of the park on display in this shot - over Fred's left shoulder you can just make out the giant rainbow entrance to Hanna-Barbera Land, so it's safe to assume this photograph was snapped inside the Happy Land of HB. Last but not least, the photo is dated on the back June 6, 1976. Why is someone standing in an amusement park in the summer wearing long pants and a tie? I'm not talking about Fred, because he doesn't wear pants, I'm talking about the fashionably dressed gentleman in the background.

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