Thursday, June 30, 2011

Seven Shows I'd Like To See On Broadway

Last week when I was putting together my list of Vegas shows that I'd like to see, I got to takes me less time to drive to New York City than it does to fly to Las Vegas! I should really get up to New York more often, especially since I enjoys me some live theatre. I've only ever been to one, actually honest-to-goodness Broadway performance. When I was a senior in high school we took a bus trip up to see Les Miserables. I didn't understand a second of it. Years later, Debbie Gibson took over one of the lead roles and I would have been delighted to see her in it but all I got out of it was somebody stealing a piece of bread, a spinning stage and the French Revolution! I also saw the touring company production of Disney's Beauty & The Beast, which was one of the earlier dates my wife and I went on. That was a memorable evening.

I really, really wanted to see the stage version of The Little Mermaid, and had every intention of doing so but then it closed so quickly! Sadness.'s some stuff that's playing now on The Great White Way that I'd love to see:

The Book of Mormon - Eugine O'Neill Theatre All I need to know about this show (and just about all I really know) is it was written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the guys behind South Park. I pretty much don't pay much attention to South Park anymore, but Parker and Stone are two brilliant and funny guys. You might not be able to get past their obsession with obscenity, but they are masterful when it comes to parody. The South Park movie blows me away every time I see it. They are also responsible for a hilarious marionette action film Team America World Police which is painfully funny in so many directions. Their Broadway debut takes aim at religion in this country and as with all their work, it backed by what I'm sure is some fantastic music.

The Lion King - Minskoff Theatre It seems everybody has seen a production of this Disney hit but me. If Disney is setting up shop somewhere, I'm in. I'd love to see this show which is just about as critically acclaimed as a show can get yet I still haven't seen it. It's also running in Las Vegas, but this kind of a thing doesn't really feel like a Vegas type show. I'll stick to comedy and boobs out there and hopefully make a concerted effort to catch Simba & Co. next time the touring company comes around.

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark - Foxwoods Theatre I don't care what the media has been shoving down our throats for the last couple of months, I think this show looks awesome. I'd pay some big bucks to see a fight take place above my head. I'd also really love to take my older son to see this, I think he'd think it was awesome too. I'm not sure his appreciation for the show would match the ticket prices. I'd probably be better off just waiting for Spidey to make an appearance at a car show.

Mary Poppins - New Amsterdam Theatre I know what you're thinking - Ed, you'll go see anything with the Disney name slapped on it. Well, not necessarily true as I wasn't really hankering to ever catch a glimpse of Disney's Broadway version of Tarzan. But when it does come to Disney, Mary Poppins is at the core of everything that is great about the Wonderful World of Walt Disney. I'm sure this would be as spectacular as an evening in one of their theme parks.

The Addams Family - Lunt Fontanne Theatre I'm not a huge Addams Family fan, but I bet this would be a fun show. The stage show is more inspired by the original comic strip than the popular television series, but it still has the good sense to retain the TV show's theme song. A simple step that shows they're doing something right. I've heard Broadway Addams is alot of fun!

Avenue Q - New World Stages Here's the rub, my brother couldn't basically give two rat's behinds about theatre and he's seen this show! It's an off-color, puppet filled take-off on Sesame Street. Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy the art of puppetry? There's a touring company of this show too. When they scheduled a performance near the WWoB offices I tried to sell my wife on justifying forking over the dough to go see it. I knew going in that it was an uphill battle trying to get her to go to a $50 puppet show...and still I have not seen this show.

Gazillion Bubble Show - New World Stages You're going to do a show where you just blow bubbles? Lots and lots of bubbles? For 90 minutes, you're just going to blow bubbles. Bubbles of all sizes you say? Like a gazillion of them? Who do I make my check out to?

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