Monday, June 20, 2011


My kids aren't exactly daredevils. They are very cautious children. Even though they are both developing a roller coaster bug, neither of them are really looking for big thrills. So I was pretty surprised last week when they both showed interest in doing a zipline course for kids at Jolly Roger Amusement Park in Ocean City, MD.

Jolly Roger has installed ziplines for adults over their waterpark, but they've also added a nice little zipline obstacle course for children. Once suited up, the kids cross bridges of increasing difficultly until they come to the end of the course where they must zipline back to the starting point. Elias and Tanner both tore up the course. I was really impressed with both of them and also very proud of them for stepping outside their comfort zone. The best part is: they had a blast.

Here's Elias zipping back to home base:

And then Tanner (You can hear him scream with excitement)

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