Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Week In Movies - Unintentional Winona Ryder Double Header

Black Swan (2010) Whaaaaat? Did you see this movie? What is going on here!? Here's the thing, there's a particular scene in this've probably heard about it. Let's just say it's a love scene. It's like the film makers knew that everybody was going to be talking about this scene and only people who saw the movie in the first week or two weren't going to know this scene was gonna happen. So, when you watch the movie's like the whole first hour is just building and teasing you leading up to this girl/girl love scene. They know you know it's just don't know when. It's very manipulative that way. Then after the love scene, the whole third act is just bonkers - bananas - and you're not really sure what' really happening and what's a dream. It's kinda crazy. I guess it's a good movie, I mean it was nominated for Best Picture and all...but it's just all so freaky. Oh, what's it about? Natalie Portman is a ballerina who becomes way too obsessed with her craft. Obsessed to the point where she gets it on with another girl and then all hell breaks loose. Oh, and Winona Ryder is in it too.

The Dilemma (2011) First of all,what a horrible title. Couldn't any movie be called "The Dilemma," isn't that just another way of saying "The Plot?" Anywho, you got Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Connelly as a couple and Kevin James and Winona Ryder as their best couple friends. Vince ends up spotting Winona cheating on his best friend and then spends the rest of the movie trying to decide when or if he should tell James about the infidelity. Here's the thing, when you put Vince Vaughn and Kevin James' bankable names above the title - you're expecting a certain something. Both Vaughn and James have an on-screen persona that they stick to pretty well. Here, they play those "characters" once again, and they are pretty funny in it, but they are all stuck in the script of a drama. By the end of this picture the heavy story weighs down what should have been a pretty outrageous comedy. Did I mention Winona Ryder is in it?

The Light In the Forest (1958) I've seen this movie before and really enjoyed it. It's an above average Disney outing about a boy who must leave the Indian family who raised him and go back to the white family he came from. Not only does the boy have a hard time adjusting, so does the town who don't take kindly to injuns hanging around. This is an intelligent film that shows that there is a good and bad side to everybody and that there are always two sides to a story.

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