Tuesday, January 08, 2013

My Week In Movies - Happy New Year 2013

Dark Shadows (2012) I really liked the idea of taking an old Gothic soap opera and turning it into a comedy. The trailers were very promising and funny. However, this is a text book example of all the funny parts used in the trailer. What's left after the spoiled one liners is some story about rival family businesses and some boring vampire special effects. This was a real letdown.

This Means War (2012) One of the rare occasions where my wife requested a particular movie, she's a fan of Chelsea Handler who appears here as Reese Witherspoon's best friend. Two buddies, who happen to be CIA agents, compete for the love of Mrs. Witherspoon..and get this, they use surveillance equipment and the resources of the United States Government to keep taps on the girl and each other. The plot is totally lame and nothing in this movie would ever happen in real life, but charming performances and a lightweight attitude save this movie from being a completely mindless cookie cutter romcom. Reese and Chelsea are very funny alone and/or together.

Cleanflix (2009) This documentary tells the story of a Nevada based Mormon company that takes Hollywood movies and edits out material which they find objectionable and then resell it. The practice is sick to anyone with an artistic bone in their body and the popularity and demand for such edited films is bizarre and puzzling. As the film unfolds, certain key players in the Cleanflix story become characters and the third act of the film drops a major surprise twist into the proceedings. Just when I thought this picture was going nowhere, it took a sharp left turn into Interestingville. Side note: The movie is unrated but if you think a movie called Cleanflix would be suitable for the family - you'd be wrong. There are several comparisons between the Hollwood original cuts of films and the sanitized Cleanflix versions. In addition, the previously mentioned twist takes the movie down a dark path.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) It's hard to believe a movie-loving 39 year old male such as myself had never seen this instalment of the Indiana Jones saga. Something has gotten into me the last couple of weeks - last week I watched a couple of Star Wars films and this week I craved some more mainstream big budget popcorn flicks! Gotta say, I absolutely loved Temple of Doom! Perhaps one of the best action/adventure films I've ever seen! I wish I had seen it as a kid.

Only The Lonely (1991) I saw this John Candy vehicle in the theater 22 years ago, I've always meant to revisit it and finally have. It's a really nice story with an unusual part for John Candy as the romantic lead and it also stars Maureen O'Hara from Miracle on 34th St. This was to be her final big screen performance. Ally Sheedy was also very good in it...something I never thought I'd type out.

A Bugs Life (1998)
Toy Story 2 (1999)
Cars 2 (2010)  We had a lazy, pajamas kinda day, New Years Day and had a little Pixar movie marathon. A Bugs Life is a really perfect Pixar film that has seemed to fall through the cracks as far as recognition goes. Toy Story 2 I must have seen at least a dozen times and it still makes me laugh out loud. Cars 2 has got to be near the bottom of the list of Pixar movies, but it's still watchable.

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