Thursday, June 01, 2006

McIce is Nice

Have you seen what's new on the McDonalds drive thru menu!? A 10lb. bag of ice!? What!? Where did that come from!?! I saw the sign for the ice while going through the drive-thru at the Mickey D's in Thurmont, MD the other day. I figured it must be some kind of "local" thing, but then I looked it up on the internet and it seems that many of the McDonald's stores are starting to offer this unusual item?!? Strange, ain't it!? I don't really even have a joke here...I just thought it was so strange I had to share it!

And while we're on the subject of fast food, here's some new food creations out on the market that we don't need:
  • Cheesesteak Thickburger @ Hardee's. It's all the goodness of a cheesesteak sub on top of a hamburger. Who needs this!? If you simultaneously want to eat a Cheesesteak sub and a hamburger then you're probably already fat. Just eat a Cheesesteak sub and then go hunt down a burger...why rush it all in your mouth at once!?
  • French Toast Sandwich @ Burger King. It's funny when one chain does something new and then the others poorly copy it. McDonald's came out with the McGriddle which is a breakfast sandwich made with two little syrupy hotcakes, so then BK copies with a breakfast sandwich between two little syrupy slices of French toast. Nice Try Burger King!
  • P'eat Zaa Sandwich @ 7-11. A deli sandwich inbetween two slices of pizza. Who the hell came up with this!? This was the most disgusting thing I ever heard of until I heard of...
  • Famous Bowls @ KFC. This is for real! A bowl of mashed potatoes, covered with corn, popcorn chicken, gravy and cheese. What? Why? Who? Not only does this win the prize for most disgusting food out there, it's also the prize winner for dumbest name for a product.

Charming Local Site of the Week: Man dropping his pants and urinating on own car in an empty parking lot on Memorial Day. Then, taking pants completely off and walking away from "scene of the crime."

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