Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mouse Around the House - Volume 2

A while back I took you on a tour of our house to show-off various Mickey Mouse items around our home. We just had a new piece installed that I'm excited to show ya, so I thought we'd take another quick walk around the house. We'll start in upstairs bathroom which is actually Mickey themed, so it's not too hard to find stuff in there. But this shower curtain is new, so I thought I'd add it to the tour. There is a whole line of bed and bath items that this curtain comes from, but we've got so much stuff it's all mixed and matched in our collection!

These are two other cool items in the bathroom. The Mickey-shoe soap dispenser, because who doesn't want to clean their hands with a liquid that's been sitting in the bottom of a mouse's shoe!? And the Mickey-pants toothbrush holder, because nothing says oral hygiene like digging a toothbrush out of someone's pants!

This Mickey Mouse cordless phone is similar in design to our television set. In addition to just looking cool, and having the unique Mickey head button, it also have five different ringer types. When there is an incoming call it will play "It's a Small World", "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah", "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo", "Mickey Mouse Club March", or the voice of Mickey singing and saying "Oh Boy!" I think they still make the Disney Princess version of this phone, but I haven't seen the Mickey for quite a while. They sell the whole line of Disney Electronics at Sears.

I realize this one ain't too thrilling, but they are kind of cool. These kitchen utensils are a new design. We picked them up at World of Disney NYC a few weeks back. There are more kitchen items that match, but we just grabbed these two.

And now our latest addition to the homestead. This great piece was actually my wife's idea, but I obviously think it's awesome too. Her step-dad, Mike, came over the other night to install it for us. It might take you a minute to find the subtle Mickey, but check out our new dining room chandelier....

How sweet is that!? It's actually just like a regular chandelier that Jen wanted from Lowe's and then we found this on-line before we bought the Lowe's one so of course the Mouse won out!

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KC said...

You're totally scaring me man. At least you aren't into weird stuff like scorpions or pigs.

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