Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mouse Around the House

We have lots of Mickey Mouse stuff in our house because if there is something that they can put a Mickey Head on they will make it and I will buy it. How many other things can you be obsessed with and get a kitchen sink stopper to feed your obsession. I bet they don't even have NASCAR sink stoppers! We have alot of Mickey in our kitchen. There is actually an entire store of Disney kitchen stuff in Walt Disney World.

Like these Mickey dining utensils, how cool are they!?! I used to have Mickey and Donald forks and spoons when I was little, but these are nice adult utensils. When I'm dead and long gone, Elias' and Tanner's wives will be fighting over who doesn't get to keep these family heirlooms!

I actually got a Mickey toaster for my birthday that toasted Mickey heads into your bread and it played the "Mickey Mouse Club March" when your toast popped up...but it turned out to be a piece of crap! (Shhh...don't tell Mickey I said that!) However, Santa made up for the Mickey void in the kitchen by stuffing this Mickey Mouse Egg Timer in my stocking. How proudly it sits on top of our stove!

This is my wedding ring, and this is how you know you've met the right girl...we saw this ring in Disney World and I commented on how it would be a cool wedding ring. So, when Jen and I decided to get married, she called down to Disney World and had them track down the ring in my size and ship it to us. How cool is that!? By the way, I didn't propose to Jennifer in Walt Disney World, but you can ask her how that story goes if you have an hour or so to kill!!
Our last stop on the tour is our bedroom. It just so happens that these Mickey TV's came out at about the same time the TV in our bedroom died. It was was fate! This odd shaped red TV set doesn't match the bedroom set we have that my wife had always dreamed about. But even she can't deny the powers of the mouse, I mean, come on...the TV's got Mickey Ear speakers for cryin' out loud! And when you adjust the volume, Donald runs across the screen with his footprints measuring how loud the TV is. Now that's swell!

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